Wooden Mezzane floors

Well this happened just the other day , a client wanted a wooden floor to divide levels in his apartment , the floor was made from a top quality pine  (Pino Norte) and installed in the guys house in six days . Electrical installations included .

His heating bills as gone down and his wife feels that the house is cozier  and just ¨more home like ¨

Things that a builder likes to hear from his clients.

I think the apart/ house as come into its own ,and of course they have gained 20m2  for their house for an office / lounce .

And if you don´t know what a lounce area is , don´t look it up because it does not exist  just feel it .

Actually in the urban dictionary it can mean make gurgling sounds  , so perhaps Lounce should also mean room where you make gurgling sounds ……….IMG_1576


About antman1

At Anthony Walton Construcciones, we offer a full service solution for our customers. We work hand in hand with our real estate services, Anthony Walton's Fincas o Casas to help you throughout the entire process of property, permits, ideas, etc. in order to build your construction to your specifications. Whether it’s a new build, reform, repair, expansion, garden or pool installation, we’re there for you every step of the way.
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