Building a garden

You might feel think that I have been off the blog for a while well I have .Don´t know why just didn’t feel like it .
This month we have started a exciting project doing a sculpted garden. Now you might think well that´s not exciting ..well it is.
More water tubes than a bathroom
More electrical installations than your sitting or kitchen
More computers then your average bedroom ( well we only use one in this garden)

More updates later

transport trees

transport trees

IMG_1485 IMG_1583 IMG_1694

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The finished product

Snagging ,crossing T´s and dotting the I´s….. it is called many different things . My company finished this lovely project this spring . 

Everything was finished to the last detail, painting, tiling the the pool and the small mosaic of the sea horse. The last thing we actually could to  do was the lighting . It was designed by myself with help from my ever trusting electrician Juan Martinez Franco . 

Around the pool the arches were lit with floor lamps (all 12volt for safety purposes) and the interior pool bulbs which are LED again using 12 volt power. 

The Result …well have a look ImageImageImage

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The finished item

I know for a fact a lot of people get half finished jobs from their builders ,plumbers or electricians .

Sometimes due …in fact nearly always to do with money or not turning up . Many professionals including myself, pride our companies at doing exactly that, finishing a job, and well, down to the last screw, the last drop of paint and the last bit of filler to cover a small imperfection .

So when I walk out from a finished job, money or cheque in hand………………………………….. All is good in the world .Image

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Wooden Mezzane floors

Well this happened just the other day , a client wanted a wooden floor to divide levels in his apartment , the floor was made from a top quality pine  (Pino Norte) and installed in the guys house in six days . Electrical installations included .

His heating bills as gone down and his wife feels that the house is cozier  and just ¨more home like ¨

Things that a builder likes to hear from his clients.

I think the apart/ house as come into its own ,and of course they have gained 20m2  for their house for an office / lounce .

And if you don´t know what a lounce area is , don´t look it up because it does not exist  just feel it .

Actually in the urban dictionary it can mean make gurgling sounds  , so perhaps Lounce should also mean room where you make gurgling sounds ……….IMG_1576

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The elephant can always jump through the loop

Hi you feisty followers , this week more arches .

The building site is set on the south coast of the island of Mallorca over looking the sea . The clients wanted the view to be almost framed with architectural items but the columns and arches had to block the ugly bits of the view .

With a great deal of thought, the placement and height considerations were knocked out . How was the design was going to work at night as well as in the day ? Lighting ideas were drawn up and tested before installation …just in case it didn´t work …….it did .

We are always adhering  to the building codes and laws of the area , concrete is not always a good design feature …but with good ideas ,thought and patience …the elephant always can jump through a hoop .



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Beams and not just any beams

Just  short trip into the world of old beams….. add colour depth and character into a room . These recycled beams from a old warehouse fit into a ceiling very well a give the room a lovely warm glow

Old but beautiful recycled beams

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Traditional use of a great material

Sandstone here on Mallorca and a lot of countries and islands on the outskirts the Mediterranean sea, has been used to create some wonderful architectural features.

When concrete was not around nor steel, arches were made to hold up churches and wine cellar roofs . Even small lintels around windows and doors, sandstone was used to great effect.

We do the same here at AWC (Anthony walton Construcciones), a lot of our new builds and  renovations use sandstone in their  structural make up . We also use sandstone as decoration and to recreate an old or rustic look on a facade, ceilings  or columns.

The photo is of a wooden beamed sandstone ceiling with a sandstone column with a detailed feature to top the column off …..enjoy Traditional use of a great material


If you want more take a trip to www.anthony

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House and Garden in Mallorca

House and Garden

After the summer the big prune happens ready for the winter , the gardens get a good cut back ready for next year and the promise of greater things .

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Today is a general strike here in spain , so I thought I would muse instead of work,think instead of driving,walk and not run,drift instead of speeding.

I don’t choose to demostrate….. I choose to be choosen by myself today 

I often wonder how the world would work without sunsets . You sit  and look and gaze and wonder .You then go inside with sun spots in your eyes and an enormous sense of well being ……ready for the the sundowner haha

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New and Old

We all decide at one point what out architectural  tastes are ,some like modern some like rustic and some like a mixture.

The photo is truly a mixture, glass, stainless steel, stone and sandstone . The ceiling is wooden beams with bamboo as was used here in Mallorca for hundreds of years if not thousands .

The client and me sat down and discussed this corner of his house in depth and the design that I prepared was this ….. Glass disappearing into stone walls , notice the details of the sandstone beam above the door it is made from over 30 different cuts of sandstone to make it work (architecturally and aesthetically) The stainless steel door frame hand made for draught exclusion and the glass panels that weight over 300kg each  were installed by german company here in Mallorca… Martin Eichner S l

Go to my website to see more photos and get more info of what I do

The mix
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