The finished product

Snagging ,crossing T´s and dotting the I´s….. it is called many different things . My company finished this lovely project this spring . 

Everything was finished to the last detail, painting, tiling the the pool and the small mosaic of the sea horse. The last thing we actually could to  do was the lighting . It was designed by myself with help from my ever trusting electrician Juan Martinez Franco . 

Around the pool the arches were lit with floor lamps (all 12volt for safety purposes) and the interior pool bulbs which are LED again using 12 volt power. 

The Result …well have a look ImageImageImage


About antman1

At Anthony Walton Construcciones, we offer a full service solution for our customers. We work hand in hand with our real estate services, Anthony Walton's Fincas o Casas to help you throughout the entire process of property, permits, ideas, etc. in order to build your construction to your specifications. Whether it’s a new build, reform, repair, expansion, garden or pool installation, we’re there for you every step of the way.
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