House and Garden in Mallorca

House and Garden

After the summer the big prune happens ready for the winter , the gardens get a good cut back ready for next year and the promise of greater things .

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Today is a general strike here in spain , so I thought I would muse instead of work,think instead of driving,walk and not run,drift instead of speeding.

I don’t choose to demostrate….. I choose to be choosen by myself today 

I often wonder how the world would work without sunsets . You sit  and look and gaze and wonder .You then go inside with sun spots in your eyes and an enormous sense of well being ……ready for the the sundowner haha

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New and Old

We all decide at one point what out architectural  tastes are ,some like modern some like rustic and some like a mixture.

The photo is truly a mixture, glass, stainless steel, stone and sandstone . The ceiling is wooden beams with bamboo as was used here in Mallorca for hundreds of years if not thousands .

The client and me sat down and discussed this corner of his house in depth and the design that I prepared was this ….. Glass disappearing into stone walls , notice the details of the sandstone beam above the door it is made from over 30 different cuts of sandstone to make it work (architecturally and aesthetically) The stainless steel door frame hand made for draught exclusion and the glass panels that weight over 300kg each  were installed by german company here in Mallorca… Martin Eichner S l

Go to my website to see more photos and get more info of what I do

The mix
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Permanent Structures



Wonderful arches


This Mediterranean Oak wood front door and Sandstone Arch is an exact copy of a door and an arch from a house that was built in the 13th century …the door and arch are still there. The idea being that this is as permanent as possible and as beautiful as possible. 

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Moorish Arches

Moorish arches add a lovely touch to interiors . More Photos coming soon

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Bashing out a pool

Bashin the pool

Working is hard when we have a view like this , our client wants a little privacy as their neighbors can look at them while they sunbathe …wait for future posts for design ideas







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Blue Chimneys

You might think that


blue chimneys are not the thing but have a look at the photo it blends into the sky 

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